Simply Sinful Gourmet Caramel Corn is the perfect corporate gift, anytime of the year.

"Simply Sinful Popcorn is simply sinful! With the first bite, you're hooked. Share it with a friend and they're hooked. Give it to a business associate and they're hooked. Open a bag and before you know it, the bag is empty. You don't mean to eat an entire bag but it simply can't be avoided. You're helpless against it; no one's will is that strong. Perhaps someday there will be a support group.. It is the BEST caramel popcorn on the planet."

Angela Loyd, FrontWork Home Watch LLC, Tucson, Arizona


Our baskets come with three or six bags of our delicious gourmet caramel corn. Choose from any of our 6 varieties or allow us to choose our most popular selections.

We would be happy to customize your order or include our unique Simply Sinful tote, hat, or apron in your gift basket.

Please contact us for custom pricing.

Actual basket style may vary from that shown.


Basket of Caramel Corn


Basket with three bags.

+ shipping and handling






Basket of Caramel Corn


Basket with six 8 oz bags.

+ shipping and handling